A Reader Letter...

Dear Suellen Zima,

For my birthday this year I received your most excellent book and oh! how I enjoyed it. In the late 1970's I lived in Iran and was one of those "trusting Americans" who had trouble adjusting to the difference in culture. I came back with lots of new insights about the bigger world out there. One of the things so enjoyable to me reading your book was hearing someone else talk about how culture affects learning styles, basic trust, pet vs animals, and other "take it for granted" American ideas. Bali sounds alot like my cabin in the mountains. People ask me what I do up there with no television, phone or internet. I love to sit and watch the clouds and wind coming through the trees while listening to birds or rustling leaves. I can see on their faces they don't understand but from what you have written you do know how to listen to nature for more than 5 minutes in this busy world.

So I hope to find this book a bestseller and I wish you much more wonderful traveling.